North Central Regional Council

169 Templar Ave., Pinckney, MI  48169     734.498.2493

National Committee Members

National Budget & Administration Committee:
DeeAnna Peterson, MN – National Chair
Chris Lamberty, NE

National Board of Ethics & Credentialing:
Sharon Carlson, MI
Lee Talmage, MI
Mike Hagemeyer, IN

National Commissioners Committee:
Sandra Boutell, MI
Lena Mitchell, WI
Deanna Wagner, NE – Regional VP of Committee
Dina Getty, IL

National CR&D Committee:
Donovan Duncan, OH – National Chair
Jennifer Bergman, MN – Regional VP of Committee
Judith Carlin, NE
Mark Wagner, WI       

National Housing Committee:
Kim Holman-Short, IL
Anna Judge, MN
Jennifer Keogh, MN – Regional VP of Committee
Sharon Maki, MI
Sheila Miller, NE

National International Research & Global Exchange Committee:
Ronald Clewer, IL – Regional VP of Committee
Patricia Gustafson, MN
Gary Keller, OH
Branna Lindell, MN
Alan Zais, IL

National Legislative Network:
Steering Committee:

Jim Inglis, MI – NAHRO Fellow
Deanna Wagner, NE
Jeffery Patterson, OH

At Large Committee:
Larry Williams, IL
James Dewey, MI
Joe Pash, IN

National Member Services Committee:
Felicia Davis, IL
George Guy, IN – Regional VP of Committee
Denita Johnson, OH
Peggy Rice, OH
Pati Toops, IA

National Professional Development Committee:
Bob Lane, IN – Regional VP of Committee
Dominic Mitchell, MN
Jackie Newman, IL
Larry Williams, IL    
Rachelle Anderson, MI

National Small Agencies Task Force
Sharon Carlson, MI – National Chair
Lorri Brookman, MI
Sharon Maki, MI

169 Templar Ave.
Pinckney, MI 48169
NCRC NAHRO is a 501(c)3 organization.

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