North Central Regional Council

169 Templar Ave., Pinckney, MI  48169     734.498.2493

National Committee Members

National Budget & Administration Committee:
Chris Lamberty, NE

Diane Larson, MN

National Board of Ethics & Credentialing:

James Bebley, IL

Charlie Chambers, IL

George Guy, IN

Rick Moore, IN

Lee Talmage, MI

National Commissioners Committee:

Renee Smith, MI - Regional VP of Committee

Sandra Boutell, MI              

Alisha Gant, OH                  

Dina Getty, IL

Grant Henry, IL

Gary Valentine, MI

National CR&D Committee:

William Pluta - Regional VP of Committee

Taryl Bonds, IN

Zac Fosler, MI

Bill Schneider, IL

Mark Wagner, WI

National Housing Committee:

Lee Talmage, MI - Regional VP of Committee

Ralph Jordan, IL

Amber Skoby, IN

Tiffany Gonzalez, IL

National International Research & Global Exchange Committee:

Ann McKenzie, IL – Regional VP of Committee

John Chow, IL

Gary Keller, OH

Alan Zais, IL

National Legislative Network:

James Dewey, MI

Jennifer Keogh, MN - National Chair

Bill Schneider, IL

Jeffery Patterson, OH

Bill Pluta, IL

Amber Skoby, IN

Mark Wagner, WI

Alan Zais, IL

National Member Services Committee:

Keon Jackson - Regional VP of Committee

Joseph Anderson, IN

Felicia Davis, IL

Anna Judge, MN

Demetria Simpson, OH

National Professional Development Committee:

Steve Rackis, IA – Regional VP of Committee

Sharon Carlson, MI

Amy Jacobowitz, IN

Jackie Newman, IL

Mark Wagner, WI

Matthew York, MI

National Small Agencies Task Force
Sharon Carlson, MI

Marty Ryan, IA

Matthew York, MI

Gary Valentine, MI

National Housing America Advisory Committee

Alicia Gant, OH

Anna Judge, MN

Peggy Rice, OH

Lily Walton, IL

National Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory CommitteeJJ Foster, IN

Kimberly Townsend, IN      

National Strategic Planning Advisory Committee

Zachary Fosler, MI  

169 Templar Ave.
Pinckney, MI 48169
NCRC NAHRO is a 501(c)3 organization.

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